I’m 30 and still sometimes have to deal with acne. Why do some people get acne? Well it depends. It can be genetic. The common cause of acne for some people is picking or squeezing blemishes or stress. I’ve wasted so much money on acne products and finally started using herbal products. It’ll save you money and the stress. Here are some herbal acne remedies:

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Aloe Vera: Works like magic! I’m not even exaggerating. My mother in-law has an Aloe Vera plant in her backyard. So, I don’t have to buy it. You can find Aloe Vera in any local grocery store. It probably cost $2.99. Better than $60 on a junk product right? Split of a portion of an Aloe Vera leaf and rub the pulp directly on the skin. Now you are not going to see the results right away, so give it some time and wait for the miracle.

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Lemon, cucumber and mint water: 

DETOX YOURSELF! I’ve been drinking this every day. Not only it helped me with my acne but I feel better about myself. Of course you have to eat healthy and exercise. Lemon juice helps to cleanse and alkalize the body; it also boosts your immune system. Mint helps to settle your stomach and aids in digestion. Cucumber is excellent for re-hydration. Cucumbers are also good source of vitamin B.

How to make Lemon, cucumber and mint water:

Slice lemon and cucumber thinly. Add lemon, cucumber and mint to a pitcher and refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours.

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